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This is not the Official West Coast Fiero's Home Page, if you are looking for it, please go here, www.westcoastfieros.com  this page has lots of stuff that I have collected from Various Events from the club.  Pics and even links to short videos of our events.



Photos from Club Meetings by date

All photos will be put into thumbnails and can be downloaded individually.

December 14, 2002

There is no video for this meeting.



November 9th 2002 Meeting.  First meeting at the new ABC Country Restaurant.

Video is here.


October 12th 2002

Video is here


September 14th 2002


Video of Members at meeting.


August 10th 2002




July 13th 2002



June 8th 2002  Another Fun Meeting with a mini drive afterwards.


May 11th 2002  (great meeting 15 cars)

Click the pic to see a larger view, this is only part of our club. 


April 13th 2002  Lots of fun and lots of people pics.





Photos From Club Events


Club Stripping Party   about 50 pics.  Oct 5th 2002

Camping with Fiero's

BBQ 2001

BBQ 2002

Club Drive May 5th 2002  Awesome drive up to Hells Gate, Interior Pics, Group Pics and check the Club Vids Section for some video of the drive.

Arlington June 01st 2002, Hosted by Jet City!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arlington Picnic  June 1st 2002  Possibly  the Best Fiero Event I have ever been to 45 Fiero's, Music, BBQ and lots of People.

Toni W. Ryan's Pics

Furious Fiero's Pics

Austins Pics  Also see Austins Notchback to Fastback conversion in progress, (over 200 pics)

Misc Club Pics from years past.

As more people send me photos I will keep adding them.




Videos from Club Events, Thanks to John Craker!!

It is best to right click these and save target as..........  then save it to desktop and view it locally on your computer

October 5th Club Stripping Party 30meg 11min long.

New Short Burnout Vid of my car.

Just Past the Border Arlington

The Drive Down Arlington

Walk Around All the Cars Arlington

Arial Video of the Cars Arlington

May 5th to Hells Gate

Burnout Vid  me having some fun late at night with my new motor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Links to Our Club Home Page and Member Made Pages

West Coast Fieros.com

Club Vids   again thanks to John Craker

Club Newsletter . Thanks to John Craker



Misc. Downloadable Stuff

My Air Care Report (emissions test)

Tons of Fiero Racing Vids


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