Fiero Video's


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Street Racing


84 Fiero Doing Doughnuts (yes a 4 banger doing doughnuts, it is possible)  NEW

Fiero vs. Monte

Fiero vs. Mustang  #2 the roll up

Fiero vs. Firebird

Fiero vs. Fairlane

Fiero vs. New Beetle

Fiero vs. Camaro

Fiero Racing in another County cool little Vid 11meg


Legal Racing

V8 Fiero Auto crossing Outside  NEW

V8 Fiero Auto crossing in Car!!  NEW

2 Fiero's Drag Racing  NEW

Fiero Autocross Run #1

Fiero Autocross Run #4

Fiero Autocross

V8 Fiero Loses it in Autocross


Commercial Vids

Fiero on Motoring TV 89meg 6min

The Fiero Vid 36meg

Fiero on Jay Leno 6.4meg



P4N1C's Vid, Very Cool Short Vid

Bandit GT Vid.  Very nice Vid.

Fieros on the Freeway

Fieros at Car show (Arlington)

Fiero's on Back Roads cruising

My Launch at Night 0-80mph 6000rpm dump Quick Time format.

My Burnout #1

My Burnout #2

Taking a Fiero Apart 11min long, stop motion of an 8 hour Fiero Stripping Party.  30meg   NEW

Minnesota's (a local gothic bar) Burnout Competition.

Sorta Fiero Related, near the end of the Movie it has 6 people picking up the back of a V6 Automatic Fiero so it can do a burnout. Other stuff in the Vid is me doing more burnouts, a Station Wagon doing a burnout, A Ford Escort getting Coca Cola and Water put on the tires to do a burnout and a few other odd things happening.  P.S.  I am the "Devil" in the video.  If you download it you will see what I mean.


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