West Coast Fiero's Events History Page!!!!!!! 2003  Go here for 2004

This is not the Official West Coast Fiero's Home Page, if you are looking for it, please go here, www.westcoastfieros.com  this page has lots of stuff that I have collected from Various Events from the club.  Pics and even links to short videos of our events.



Photos from Club Meetings by date

December 13th 2003 Christmas Party and Meeting.

November 2003 No Pics or Video

October 11th 2003



July Sorry No Pics Yet.

June 14th 2003


May 10th 2003  19 Fiero's at the meeting.


April 12th 2003


March 8th 2003  (The Snow Meeting)


February 8th 2003


Video Should be up in a couple of days.

January 12th 2003


Club drives and events

Club BBQ 2003 14 cars and a lot of food.

Arlington 2003 Pics

Arlington 2003 Video


Hells Gate Run Pics

Hells Gate Video from Lisa Reimann and Grace


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